Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park is one of the Tanzania treasure. It is good for starting point before you go on Safari or after Safari to the Northern Circlet. The Park is only 137 sq km but beautiful and it is the closest Tanzanian National Wildlife Park to both the famous “safari town” of Arusha (29 km), as well as the Kilimanjaro International Airport, thus making it ideal for day safaris before departure!! There are a range of activities to do in Arusha National Park. Canoe Safari in a small Momela lake and this includes walking safaris which are always accompanied by a ranger and last for a maximum of four hours, during which you would stop for a break at one of the park’s beautiful picnic sites. You can also explore the far reaches of the park by vehicle, taking in some of the magnificent views and keeping an eye out for wildlife.