The Natural Jacuzzi 

Engarasero Water falls!!
Engaresero village is located on the southern side of the famous Lake Natron. Lake Natron is a salt lake located in Northern Tanzania, close to the Kenyan border, in the eastern branch of the East African Rift Valley Escarpment. The Lake falls within the Lake Natron Basin Wetlands of International Importance Ramsar Site. It forms a major breeding ground for lesser flamingos worldwide. Lake Natron and its surrounding area is a place rich in cultural and natural diversity The area is off the beaten track and only a handful of people go there. The climate can at times be unbearable as the African sun blazes down upon the land.

This should not keep you from visiting though, as it is totally worth it.
Its beauty with thousands of flamingo flocks is astonishing. On the Southern side it borders the majestic and beautiful scenery of the Ngorongoro highlands. It is in this village where Oldonyo Lengai (the Maasai name meaning ‘the Mountain of God’) is located. This cone shaped mountain is the only active volcano in the world that produces natrocarbonatite lava a unique occurrence of volcanic carbonatite. The temperature of its lava as it emerges is only around 510 °C (950 °F). A few older extinct carbonatite volcanoes are located nearby waiting you to explore


  • The path can be slippery at some places and quite technical.
  • The guides are very helpful and will show you exactly where to step.
  • It is important to wear shoes with grip.
  • Wear clothes that can get wet. It is even better to wear your swimming costume underneath your clothes.
  • The sun can be harsh and it’s important to cover up. Wear light, but long-sleeved clothes.
  • Carry your electronic devices like cameras and phones in a waterproof bag, since you may fall into the water.